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E N H A N C E D   L E G A L    S O L U T I O N S

Building a unique collection of legal support services . . .

Be Accurate.  Be Fast.  Be Effective.



PARADOCS is the fastest and most cost-effective

hyperlinked e-brief provider in the country.  We regularly turnaround 150-page e-briefs in less than 18 hours.  


Our trial presentation team has been helping our clients win cases - BIG CASES


This year alone we have been involved in cases valued at over $5 billion. Our deposition legal experts have reviewed and summarized over 3000 transcripts.



We provide creative, prompt and attentive service to our clients

so YOU can better serve

YOUR clients.


ParaDocs provides a full scope of digital legal support services to expedite your case preparation, maintenance and presentation.  Our services include e-brief hyperlinking, graphics, trial presentation consulting, deposition summarizing, and legal focus groups.


We have served over 200 law firms and companies in our years of litigation and arbitration experience, These are just a few of the elite firms we work with.

Our Story

Early in 2005, a group of leading legal industry professionals, software developers and seasoned case managers got together to form a company . . .


that could offer law firms a variety of high-quality legal support services, delivered expeditiously, and at a cost-effective price. ParaDocs, Inc. was thus born.


We now offer technology-enabled legal support services to some of this nation's largest law firms, and many small practitioners. 


In the same way that law firms have now come to rely on vendors for assistance with copy services and court reporting, we are here to assist you with creating your electronic hyperlinked e-briefs, presenting your case at trial,   trial  demonstratives and graphics, or summarizing your depositions.


We save you time and money, without compromising the high standards of quality you demand. 


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150 Broadway

Suite 900

New York, NY 10038

(212) 268-5695

1091 Calcot Place,

Oakland, CA 94606

(866) 751-3627

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