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E N H A N C E D   L E G A L    S O L U T I O N S


Document Hyperlinking Service


Our expert paralegals create an e-brief version of your motion papers, making it effortless for a judge or arbitrator to review and follow your arguments. We systematically create hyperlinks to all the materials that are cited in your brief.


Those materials can include: 

  • Case Law

  • Statutes

  • Articles

  • Treatises

  • Native Files

  • Deposition Transcripts

  • Exhibits

  • Audio Clips

  • Video Testimony

  • 3D Animations

  • Websites


Basically, we can link to any file that can be viewed on a computer. Once linked your brief and all of its support materials are conveniently delivered to you via FTP. 


Your e-brief will ensure that the court can quickly and easily access and review the most pertinent aspects of your motions.

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