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E N H A N C E D   L E G A L    S O L U T I O N S



We curate and assemble a venue-specific focus group for you to learn what potential jurors will think about your case, and what will make the winning difference in the courtroom.


Our legal focus groups generally meet in evening sessions to maximize the available pool of panelists. Our panels, selected from your specific trial venue, are chosen to replicate, as nearly as possible, the panel that you will eventually select in the courtroom.


We provide you with as many panelists as you wish, though in our experience 10 to 12 panelists  seems to provides an optimal cross-section of individuals to make the discussions lively and more meaningful.


The focus group facilitator will engage the panelists in a lively discussion about both sides of the case and learn their opinions and what they want to know, and why.   Your team will be armed with test-driven arguments to present in court.

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